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Guy P. Larin


Born & lives in Montreal QC, Canada

Guy-Philippe Larin began experimenting with photography in the early 70’s with a Pentax Spotmatic with a single 50mm lens.

He graduated with honours from Concordia University.  After a 39-year career in the mining industry, he retired in 2017. From then on he concentrated on his passions of photography, skiing and travel.


As a former mining industry executive, Guy was very fortunate to have lived and worked in Asia, Africa and Europe. 10 years of his career were spent in Africa alone. He travelled extensively for work and pleasure and usually carried a camera with him.

In 2017, he joined the Montreal Camera Club where he won several awards within his first year. Guy quickly realised how much he enjoyed submitting his images in competitions and upgrading his skills by working with and learning from other photographers.  In recent years, he also joined the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts (CAPA) and received several awards for his work, much of which was black & white images.

He enjoys a number of  aspects of photography, but travel and nature imagery are his favourites.  He has recently given seminars on travel photography, which were well received by camera club members. He works mainly with Canon DSLR cameras and lenses, Gitzo tripods, as well as with a GoPro.

Among other prominent photographers, he appreciates the work of Ansel Adams, Freeman Patterson, Robert Doisneau, Sebastião Salgado, Greg Dutoit and Nathan Horton.



2018 — Winner of Gold Certificate in the Open                                 Theme Club  Competition for "Evening Cattle                   Roundup", Canadian Association of                                       Photographic Arts (CAPA)

2018 — Blossom Caron Trophy for Prints (Class 'B'),                         Montreal Camera Club

2018 — Catherine Rasmussen Trophy for Best                                 Slideshow: "Cambodia, Past & Present"                               (Classes 'A' & 'B'), Montreal Camera Club

2018 — Dorothy Benson Trophy for Nature images                         (Class 'B')Montreal Camera Club

2018 — Joe Bell Memorial Trophy for Monochrome                        Prints (Classes 'A' & 'B')Montreal Camera                            Club

2018 — William Spry Memorial Trophy for Pictorial                         images (Class 'B')Montreal Camera Club

2018 — Winner of Silver Certificate in the Photo                             Journalism Club  Competition for "Street                           Vendor, Hoi An, Vietnam" , Canadian                                    Association of Photographic Arts (CAPA)

2019 — Honorable Mention in the Series of 4 Photos                    Club Competiton for the series "Ospreys at                        Blue Cypress Lake", Canadian Association of                      Photographic Arts (CAPA)

2019 — Merit Award as "Expert Pictorialist" awarded by               the Montreal Camera Club

2020 — Merit Award in the Fall Open Club                                          Competition for "Faces of the Monastery",                          Canadian Association of Photographic Arts                        (CAPA)

2021 — Honorable Mention in the Series of 4 Photos                    Club Individual Competiton for the series                           "More than Skin Deep, Women of Rajasthan",                   Canadian Association of Photographic Arts                       (CAPA)


2021 — Catherine Rasmussen Trophy for Best                                Slideshow: "Faces of Rajasthan"                                             (Classes 'A' & 'B'), Montreal Camera Club

2021 — Steve Lash Trophy for Street (Photojournalism)                Image of the Year (Classes 'A' & 'B'),                                      Montreal Camera Club

2021 —  Fred Burgess Memorial Trophy for the Class A                 member having the highest aggregate score                   for Pictorial Images submitted.

Exhibitions & Festivals
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